Since 2013

Harmony and Comfort

Hopiness is born during a conversation between friends, on a late afternoon at santa cruz beach. This summer we realized, from our personal experience, and looking around us, that there was a big gap in our market when it was in swimwear, especially if we wanted to escape the traditional. There was little supply, and even this was very restrictive when it came to cuts and standards.

It was 2013, and at the end of this summer, we began to seriously think about moving forward with the launch of a line of swimsuits. We started by planning the various actions that we would have to develop if we wanted to effectively get into that adventure.

The first step was to identify possible partners for the production of the collection, and at the same time find suppliers for the various materials, with innovative products and above all with quality.

We would also have to find someone who would help us to work on the image, and to pass on to the market what we want to distinguish us. It wasn’t easy, we weren’t in the middle, we had a collection and minimal quantities, but we got them to believe in us and take risks with us. We have been gaining experience and know-how, and today, after 5 years we have the same partners and a mutual respect relationship.

We are proud to say that we are a brand that bets heavily on quality. Logically we invest in the design and production of our lycras, working with professionals with whom we identify, but who also challenge us. We design swimsuit models in the expectation of responding to the needs of our various customers, hoping that they will be valued not only for their appearance, most of all for their comfort. And that’s what sets us apart… in the midst of so much fastfashion, we can idealize modern models and differentiators without ever neglecting comfort.

The design of our swimsuits aims to please women who do not want to neglect elegance, like to feel comfortable, and in harmony with their body, always maintaining that fashion touch.

We have learned a lot over this period and we are perfectly aware that this is a journey with no final destination, where we are continually apprehending and reinventing ourselves.

We hope to be contributing to the satisfaction of women looking for feminine and elegant alternatives, but only your opinion will allow us to measure our success!